National Curry Week: Best Indian Restaurants in UK

11th October, 2015

bombay bridgford

National Curry Week is here again, there are thousands and thousands of Indian restaurants located throughout the United Kingdom. Every town has at least one Indian restaurant, every city has a plethora of wonderful eateries to pick from – Indian food is a massive industry in this country. The question is – which Indian restaurants are the best, find the UK’s top rated Indian Restaurants from our reviews below.

Best Indian Restaurants In Manchester

Dilli, 60 Stanford New Road
The Dilli curry house claims to have broken the mould, when it comes to serving Indian food in the north west of England. Its website reinforces this claim – there’s a very real sense that the chefs at this restaurant aren’t willing to compromise. They won’t serve you a ‘made up dish,’ because you that’s what you’re used to. They won’t throw together three different types of curry, to come up with something bland and basic, just because you’ve never had a real lamb balti. They care about Indian cuisine, and they want you to care too. Be a bold diner – jump in feet first and try the spicy marathi kolambi masala, or the tasty dilli ki aloo tikki.

Indian Ocean, Stamford St E
The Indian Ocean curry house has been named the best curry house, in the north west, no less than three times. It’s fair to say that this restaurant has become a bit of an institution since it opened in 1993. There’s a wide range of dishes on offer – the chefs at this eatery prepare authentic Punjabi, Kashmiri and Indian dishes. It’s also got a great range of low fat and vegetarian options. The harri boti, the punjabi palak and the afghani curry are very popular dishes. When it comes to the Indian Ocean curry house, the glowing reviews speak for themselves. It makes a magnificent Rajasthani gosht, too.

Best Indian Restaurants In Nottingham

Memsaab, 12 Maid Marian Way
The Memsaab offers diners a traditional experience, in a relaxing and beautiful setting. It’s quite a big curry house, so it’s a great place to go for family meals and get-togethers. The chefs here are keen to meld authentic Indian cuisine with contemporary flair and personality. They want diners to get a sense of both the old and the new – it’s what makes Memsaab such a great eatery. It’s also very affordable, with most dishes coming in at under £10 per head. There are a few choices that are a bit more luxurious, but even these are very affordable. The sigri jhingha is one of the dearest choices on the menu, but you’ll still have enough money left for chapattis, onion bhajis and a dessert.

Bombay Bridgford, 1A Radcliffe Road
The Bombay Bridgord curry house has been a Nottingham institution since 1998. It specialises in authentic Indian cuisine, with a modern and contemporary twist. All dishes are prepared with the freshest produce – the chefs at this restaurant pride themselves on their ability to deliver fresh fish, vegetables and spices. The menu at Bombay Bridgford is rather extensive, and covers everything from seafood to vegetarian food and speciality meat dishes. If you are a meat lover, you’ll love this restaurant. Its chicken and lamb dishes are a revelation – the garlic and chilli lamb being a stand out favourite. Don’t miss out on the tandoori platter, either. It makes a great shared starter, so indulge with a friend, partner or family member.

Best Indian Restaurants In Newcastle

Vujon, 29 Queen Street
Vujon is located right at the heart of Newcastle’s historic Quayside. It’s in a great position, so it attracts an awful lots of hungry diners. Yet, it’s never uncomfortably busy or cramped – this curry house knows how to cater for its customers. It creates bold and spicy dishes for people who dare to indulge in the exotic. It one of the most popular restaurants in the area, and it’s not difficult to see why. There’s a huge variety of dishes to choose from, so you’ll never be forced to eat the same one twice. The staff at Vujon love helping diners pick the perfect combination of food and wine – don’t be afraid to ask for a little bit of advice.

Akbar’s, Unit 1 Westmorland Road
Akbar’s is so much more than a curry house – it’s an institution. This particular institution is wildly successful. There are no less than twelve nationwide branches of Akbar’s. The very first opened in Bradford city centre in 1995. The Newcastle branch of the company opened in 2011, but it has its own loyal following already. It has an extensive menu, but it tries to focus on basic dishes. At this curry house, it is quality that matters. There’s a reason why diners love dishes like the korma, the chicken tikki masala and the lamb balti. The chefs at Akbar’s know this, and they want to give their diners the very best.

Best Indian Restaurants In Oxford
Malikas, 218 Cowley Road
It doesn’t matter whether you like them hot enough to tickle your taste buds, or as mild and creamy as possible – there’s a curry for everyone at Malikas. This charming restaurant offers a combination of the unusual and the familiar. There are the dishes that we all know and love, things like the boti kebab and the lamb shaslik. Then, there are side dishes and sundries that aren’t so well known. It is tempting to go for what you know, but why not try the delicious the dahi wada or the hot poti. This latter dish is made from chickpeas, egg, potatoes and tamarind sauce. It’s a truly unique, but very beautiful  taste.

Qumins, 86 St Clement’s Street

This stylish and quirky curry house is located in the cosmopolitan area of St Clement’s. This means that it’s very popular with both local diners and visitors to Oxford. Its chic decor and contemporary menu make for a unique dining experience, so don’t miss out. There’s a diverse selection of dishes on offer – vegetarians and meat lovers will have much to choose from here. With an emphasis on traditional favourites, the chefs at Qumins pride themselves on delivering the very best. The menu happens to be a fairly long on – make your choice carefully. Or just come back for a second, a third and a fourth visit. The Qumins curry house makes a mean Goan curry and an even more delicious  Mohilli curry.

Best Indian Restaurants In Sheffield

Cutlers Spice, 1 Leighton Road
This restaurant comes with a fascinating story of determination and ambition. As a teenager, owner Allam Ullah loved the Cutlers Arms pub – so much so, that he bought it almost two decades later. It didn’t take him long to transform the building into a ‘cracking restaurant’, a restaurant that offers  diners the best Indian food for miles around. You can feel the personal pride that has gone into the creation of Cutlers Spice, and it makes every dining experience a special one. Why not sit down with a delicately spiced tandoori chicken razala, banglo gatta, or naga chicken? This latter dish is a spicy and intense one – it’s made with Naga chillies, so approach it with caution

Let us know which curry restaurant is the best in your city and why. Have we have left out any top restaurants from your area?

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