Why SpiceOpera?
SpiceOpera is a platform for Indian food lovers to talk openly about their experiences on eating out in the huge number of Indian Restaurants in the UK. SpiceOpera is a complete Indian restaurant discovery web site designed to help you – the spicy diners decide where to eat.  We have curated reviews of great restaurants from people you trust; your friends, restaurant critics, and bloggers who know about Indian food, to help you decide where you want to go next.

How is SpiceOpera different from other sites?
We at SpiceOpera take a curated eye towards Indian restaurants and pull in reviews from people who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to great Indian cuisine.  We double those expert reviews with user generated content from diners.  With the added facility to discover great restaurants, dining deals and offers, view menus (coming soon!), make reservations, order delivery (coming soon!), and you have a complete solution for your dining needs.

Why aren’t there more Indian restaurants in your database?
New Indian restaurants are popping up all over the country and our aim is to include all the places, our food scouts are continuously adding new venues every week. Our aim is to have the 12000 plus Indian restaurants on our database very soon. If your favourite Indian restaurant is missing, add them to our database via the add restaurant form or via email.

How do I add a review?
Search for the restaurant, once you have found the venue you want to review, simply click the “Add Review” link on the restaurant page. You can then enter all your information for your review.  You have the option to review a whole restaurant or just one dish. Someone from our Spice Team will approve the review before it is published.

How do the Indian restaurant offers and deals work?
We know that savvy dinners love offers and deals, we hope to bring you big savings from your favourite local Indian Restaurant. The published offers are regularly updated with restaurant vouchers, deals and offers from the restaurants on our database. We aim to ensure all vouchers can be used by everyone, most vouchers have restrictions, so please check the valid from and end date on the day you want to go out dinning and present them before you order

Who uses SpiceOpera Indian restaurant guide?
SpiceOpera is a place where you can find the best places to go to depending on reviews written by real people in your city. It’s where you can share your experiences in such places with your friends and neighbours.

SpiceOpera is also the place for business owners to hear what their customers have to say about their places, and to contact them directly.

How to find a place on SpiceOpera?
The search engine relies completely on keywords. Simply type a keyword into the search bar and choose which city’s restaurants you’d like to explore. Then press the find button. This will provide all related places to this keyword. Example: “Viceroy” in “London”.

After searching for a keyword, you can further narrow your results by using the advanced search options presented at the top of the page. These advanced options will allow you to conduct a more accurate search such as; Neighbourhood, Category, Price, and other features. Just pick the features and find your place faster.

Why do I have to use my Facebook or Twitter account to sign up?
To simplify the signup process, prevent the problem of forgetting passwords and user-names, we recommend you use your Facebook or Twitter account to login.

Our aim is to present authentic and real content to our users, we make sure the Users signing up and adding content to the site are trust worthy. For this reason only we request that you use Facebook and Twitter to login. Plus it’s a great way to share your experiences of restaurants you visited with your friends.

How can I add my Restaurant to SpiceOpera?
If your restaurant is not already listed on SpiceOpera, we’d love for you to add it to our restaurant database. Please note we only allow the listing of Indian Restaurants and not those, which are pubs, clubs, or other, shared cuisine venues. To add an Indian Restaurant click Add Restaurant from the home page. On the Add Restaurant page, please enter as much information as you can about your restaurant. When you are finished, please click submit. SpiceOpera reviews all new listings before they are added to the site. It is not an automated process, so it may take a little time.

How do I add or fix information in my Restaurant’s listing?
The best way to add or fix information is to first claim your restaurant listing. After your claim is confirmed, you’ll be able to make additions/corrections from your Owner Dashboard; these corrections will be implemented without manual SpiceOpera approval.
If you wish to inform us of incorrect information, click the Contact Us link at the bottom to send us your suggestions.

How can I advertise on SpiceOpera.com?
We offer great advertising opportunities, which are simple and inexpensive. To see the details, claim your Indian Restaurant listing. Once we have verified your claim, you will see the options or contact us to discuss this further.

More Questions?
Is there something else you want to ask us or tell us about? We would love to hear from you! Fire us an email.