UK’s Best Indian Restaurants – Where Do Diners Like To Get Their Curry Kicks?

17th December, 2013


There are thousands and thousands of Indian restaurants located throughout the United Kingdom. Every town has at least one Indian restaurant, every city has a plethora of wonderful eateries to pick from – Indian food is a massive industry in this country. The question is – which Indian restaurants are the best, find the UK’s top rated Indian Restaurants from our reviews below.

Indian Restaurants In Aberdeen

Cinnamon, 476 Union Street, Aberdeen
Cinnamon is located right at the heart of Aberdeen’s West End, making it one of the most popular Indian restaurant in the region. It specialises in rich, nouvelle Indian cuisine – don’t expect any takeaway quality chicken bhunas here. It’s a very opulent and luxurious establishment, that offers visitors the chance to sample dishes like Gressingham duck breast, rogan josh pot roast poussin and the special king prawn trilogy. In fact, one of the most well loved dishes is the fiery lamb tak tak bhuna. It is an award winning recipe, so don’t be afraid to dive into this adventurous concoction. The sea bass is another popular choice, just in case you can’t take the heat of the tak tak bhuna.

The Nawaabs, 33 Summer Street
At Nawaabs, visitors are invited to sample some of the finest Indian and Bangladeshi dishes. It’s a big restaurant, so large parties are welcome and the atmosphere is always lively. All of the meals served at Nawaabs are of the best quality, but they’re also very modestly priced. There are no overly showy gourmet platters here – this is a Indian restaurant that’s all about culinary satisfaction. The expert chefs at Nawaabs put their heart and soul into classic dishes like the lamb balti and the chicken tikki masala. The chicken rosuni is a firm favourite with diners – the lashings of fresh coriander and garlic make for a bold and vibrant dish.

Best Indian Restaurant In Bradford

Mumtaz, Great Horton Road, Bradford
The revered Mumtaz Indian restaurant sits at the top of Bradford’s Great Horton Road. It is one of the largest restaurants in Northern England, so there’s no need to worry about booking early here. It is well known for its friendly service, lively atmosphere and uniquely delicious dishes. Mumtaz has a reputation for creating heavenly rotis and chapatis – they’re mammoth in size, but they manage to be both soft and great for scooping up a plate of lamb kerala. The menu at Mumtaz is almost as big as the restaurant itself, so get ready to make some seriously difficult choices. You can’t go wrong with the pioneering Mumtz murgh makhani.

Prashad, 137 Whitehall Road, Drighlington
Prashad was a finalist on Gordon Ramsay’s Best Restaurant programme. It beat off some very harsh competitors, including the much loved Milestone restaurant in Sheffield. Prashad has a reputation for cooking extraordinary vegetarian cuisine. It is true that the black channa potato curry, hara bara kebab and dhal kachori are all popular dishes. It can be difficult to find a Indian restaurant that is able to cook vegetarian dishes, that are as exciting as meat ones. Prashad is happy to be counted among the few that can The chefs here are as dedicated to meat free cuisine as they would be the alternative – that’s without mentioning their unbelievable presentation skills. What kind of a diner wouldn’t be impressed by a pyramid of jeera rice!

Top Indian Restaurant In Bath

Rajpoot, 4 Argyle Street, Bath
In 1980 two brothers opened up a Indian restaurant on Argyle Street, in Bath. That Indian restaurant is still there today, and it’s called Rajpoot. It offers diners high quality south Asian cuisine, in a rather beautiful environment. The chefs here are extremely dedicated to their culinary art – in fact, they take their duty to Indian cuisine very seriously. This level of passion makes for a wonderful dining experience. The Rajpoot does a truly delicious nillah mach, which is quite an unusual dish. Nillah mach consists of freshwater pangash fish from Bangladesh, cooked in a traditional Bangladeshi sauce and spices. Despite the sophisticated nature of these dishes, the Rajpoot is dedicated to providing them at very reasonable prices.

The Eastern Eye, 8A Quiet Street
Last year, the Eastern Eye restaurant won the English Curry Award for the second time in a row. You should be able to deduce for yourself what this must mean – namely, that the food here is superb. In fact, the Eastern Eye has awards and accolades coming out of its ears. It really is a very well regarded restaurant. Due to its close proximity to the Theatre Royal, the Eastern Eye regularly entertains stars of the stage. Why not indulge in one of the restaurant’s speciality dishes? The chicken satkara, lamb lagan and king prawn nowabdar are particularly delicious. They’re unusual, but they’re worth a punt.

The UK’s Best Curry Restaurants In Bristol

Rupsha, 3A Regent Street, Bristol
It’s not rare for Rupsha to be referred to as one of the best Indian restaurants in Bristol. It’s also not hard to see why – it is a warm and colourful eatery, a place that is alive with character. It’s quite a small restaurant but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in personality. Bristol locals absolutely adore this quirky little Indian restaurant, and you will too. The dishes here are created with so much love – it’s clear from the moment that they’re brought to the table. Most meals are served on a platter like stand, so that diners can pick and peruse their dishes as they see fit. If you’re in the area, don’t miss out on a meal at the wonderful Rupsha.

The Curry House, 393 Bath Road
The aptly named Curry House restaurant is dedicated to giving lovers of Indian cuisine a modern and contemporary dining experience. It is keen to point out the absence of flock wallpaper and outdated retro carpets. Instead, the Curry House is decorated in a fresh and modern style. There’s a choice to be made here – a choice between the tasty favourites and the gourmet dishes. You see, this eatery is able to cater for all kinds of different diners. There are madras and bhuna recipes alongside bold and ambitious dishes like the tilapia, badhonia and chicken ceylon. Why not be daring and try the super spicy naga lamb?

Top Indian restaurants In Brighton

Indian Summer, 69 East Street, Brighton
The Indian Summer Indian restaurant is an authentic experience. It calls itself an Indian eatery, because it serves nothing but Indian food. Where lots of other Indian restaurant will offer diners a combination of Indian, Kashmiri, Punjabi and Bangladeshi cuisine – the Indian Summer only cooks authentic Indian cuisine. The tuna pach poran and lamb kohlapuri are two examples of a menu that is, at once, both familiar and unusual. A lot of the dishes served here are quite light, they come with sides like stir-fried vegetables and chai roasted sweet potato. Moreover, Indian Summer is beautifully decorated and actually feels like a lovely place to chow down. What more can an eager diner ask for?

The Chilli Pickle, 17 Jubilee Square, Brighton
The dinner menu at the excitingly named Chilli Pickle is a window into the richness and diversity of Indian cuisine. Its lovingly tended dishes stretch all the way from the Himalayas, to the wonders of the Konkan Coast. It’s dedicated to creating vegetarian dishes that are every bit as delicious as its meat based ones. This means that making a choice at the Chilli Pickle is extremely difficult. You might want to check out the ever popular lamb chops, served in a rogan josh masala sauce. This Indian restaurant also serves a tremendous sea bream recipe, served with peppercorn chutney. The Chilli Pickle is well known for its tasty desserts too, so why not treat yourself to a big bowl of homemade ice cream?

This is one of four articles covering the best Indian restaurants from around the UK. Let us know Indian restaurant is the best and if we have left out any top restaurants from your area.

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