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About SpiceOpera
SpiceOpera is the only free online Indian restaurant guide you’ll ever need, packed with Indian restaurant reviews and restaurant vouchers and offers for diners of the UK’s favourite cuisine.

Our restaurant reviews are a convenient way of discovering new and exciting restaurants to eat out in your local area and our team of Indian food lovers, along with food bloggers, critics and passionate restaurant diners, bring you the insight into what’s hot and what’s mild in the Indian restaurant sector.

You’ll also find lots of Indian restaurant offers, which you can use on your next visit. SpiceOpera really is the only place you’ll ever need for personal reviews of the best and up and coming places to dine in.

What is SpiceOpera?
SpiceOpera is a premier resource of unbiased Indian restaurant reviews and information on thousands of Indian restaurants in the UK “Good Curry Guide“.

Our key goal at SpiceOpera is to be able to personally suggest restaurants to you just as if you asked some of your closest friends – friends who know what restaurants you like and dislike.

How many times have you asked someone for a restaurant suggestion? The first thing someone will ask is “Well, what type of food do you like?” quickly followed by questions about ambiance, prices, and other restaurants you like. Then the person may try to match you with restaurants that they have already visited. That’s a little bit like how SpiceOpera works.

The key difference between SpiceOpera and the way a friend may help is that we have so many users to act as your close friends; users who have actually been to the venues and can give you a true picture of what it is like to eat there and, most importantly, help you find the best Indian restaurants in your local area.

What this means is that by playing an active role in SpiceOpera, by posting reviews and listing your favourite restaurants, you are simultaneously improving the quality of the site for everyone! This, to us, reflects the true power of the social web.

We are always keen to improve this valuable resource, so please do let us know how we can make the complete Indian Restaurant Guide even better.

Yours spicely,

The SpiceOpera Team