99-101 Regent Street,London,W1B 4RS
020 7734 1401

Venue Features

  • Features : Classy & Posh, Good for Lunch, Takeaway
  • Cuisine : Indian
  • Price Range : Fine Dining
  • Serves : Lunch, Evening
  • Price Per Meal : £25+ per meal

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Tips from Dinners

  • Mashael

    A must try if you love Indian food. Delicious food with such a lovely staff. ❤️

  • Noura

    A minimum charge

  • Soly

    Green prawn 👍🏻

  • Razan💎

    Delicious food with amazing atmosphere, highly recommended! 😍👌🏻

  • Jawaher

    Very rude staff

  • Jawaher

    Chicken tekka spicy and tasty 😋

  • RaNa

    Delicious but spicy 🌶

  • Hessah

    One of the best Indian restaurants i've ever been to yummy lamp chops, great butter chicken & lemon rice ❤️

  • Hessah

    One of the best Indian restaurants👍🏻loved the Butter chicken, naan bread & lemon rice

  • Mohamed

    The mango salad 👌👌👌

  • Ranish

    A bit too commercial for my liking. Food was ok. Servce not bad. But over priced.

  • Vivien

    Very bad service!! We were kicked out by the receptionist just because we arrived 10 mins earlier! But there weren't any instruction on arrival time when we booked the restaurant! Very rude staff!

  • Harkirat

    Overhyped. Food is good but there are better (and cheaper) places for Indian food in London.

  • A

    Great place and good location. The staff was helpful, the taste is good but as an Indian place it is overprice since the min charge was 40£ each ! So you would need to have more than enough. !

  • Adem

    Royal dishes lan

  • Papa

    Favorite Indian restaurant in London. Up on second floor.

  • Rawan

    Raj Kachori, Green prawns are the best orders from the starters. Murgh Hara Payz, Chicken biryani, Travncore Prawn, and the chili nan Very very good food I highly recommend the place

  • Heba

    Very delicious food but they have a minimum spent per person

  • Constance

    Every dish is great, especially chicken byriani, seabass and lamb shank. Service is a bit intrusive. Quite expensive.

  • Sergey

    Very nice place and very tasty Indian food! Never beed before such high Indian Restorant

  • Saxow

    Chicken Makhani, very nice setting

  • Thomas

    Nice atmosphere and really good Indian food. But a Michelin star? Not understandable.

  • Timothy

    Have the monkfish tika. Fantastic

  • Nilgün

    Awesome Indian food

  • Anais

    Great place for a romantic indian dinner

  • Abdulaziz

    Lam barriane is better than chicken one

  • Fadwa

    It the oldest Indian restaurant in London and it so delicious 😍😍

  • Dhoome

    it's delicious, i ordered a beryany and a masela so good 👌🏻

  • Lulu

    الاكل حلو بس اخلاقهم شينه وحاطين العرب بمكان واحد مطلم مع ان المطعم شرح وكله انوار مافهمت ليش هالحركات

  • Saleh

    Excellent food and service

  • S

    Menu was extremely expensive and underwhelming. No gluten free options.

  • S

    No trip to London would be complete without a visit to Amaya, Chutney Mary or Veeraswamy... Veeraswamy it is this time for some very good Indian.

  • Nav

    Fantastic Indian food. And cocktails.

  • Aljoharah N.

    Very nice decorations, lovely atmosphere, great service! I recommend for starters Raj Kachori & Green Prawns, for the main course chicken butter & steamed rice! & ice cream for the sweets!

  • Ahmad S

    The first indian restaurant in London , come here for a nice atmosphere, but Dishoom has better dishes

  • Josh

    Amazing vegetarian platter. Whole menu is flavorful but not overpowering. Beautiful space, and giant list of wines for pairing.

  • Fatih

    This time we did not like the dishes as much as we did at the last time 🤔

  • Maram

    The food is yummy😋the best Indian restaurant i'v ever tried in london

  • S

    Classical and traditional dishes delicately prepared. Old reliable for dishes like Asafjahi, biryani, makhni... One of the best

  • Irina

    Claims to be one of the oldest Indian restaurants. Very classy, chicken makhani and biriyani are extremely good! So is naan!

  • Khaula

    Don't miss on Raj Kachori and Tandori Green Prawns.

  • Closed

    Perfect food taste with nice presentation

  • The Taster

    Amazing atmosphere, great service but the food was under average and small portion !!

  • Scott

    One of the best restaurants in London, period. Worth going just to have the starters. Beyond fantastic.

  • Njoud

    I've been to India! But even the food there don't taste like this😋❤️ coconut chicken masala recommend 👌🏼 9/10

  • Dmitry

    Really good. Way more posh than Dishoom, offcourse, but even more tasty. The menu is very very good and balanced. Liked it a lot.

  • Timothy

    Monkfish then the vindaloo

  • Timothy

    Try the monkfish to start then the duck vindaloo. Fantastic

  • 4u

    The best place for hungry person

  • Eyyup Bulent

    En favori restaurantım bu Londrada.gerek kalitesi gerek muhteşem lezzeti.her londraya gelişimde mutlaka uğrarım

  • Alyssa

    A classic spot for great Indian in London, however it can be pricey especially when you're used to the local Indian take out place. Be sure to make a reservation beforehand!

  • Håkan

    Lobster in curry is fantastic!

  • Salih

    Great views and seatings, elegant from the reception till the end; bit pricy though!

  • Jörg

    This is probably the best curry house you'll ever go to.

  • The Saudi Critic

    Indian food as it should be

  • S

    Simply one of the best Indian restaurants!

  • Fatih

    Excellent Indian🎈💥chicken tikka, venison mutta kebab, tandoori raan, chicken makhani, naan and finaly kaala jaam (desert) strongly recommended👍😇

  • Bhavi

    Not great for Vegetarian - limited options

  • Rawan

    One of the best indian restaurants in town 👌

  • Nick

    The pineapple curry was rich, warm and great at cutting the spice in the hotter dishes. Also the grapefruit pannacotta offered a sweet, refreshing dessert.

  • Deema_Fahad

    Try "Raj Kachori " it was Good !! .. Nice atmosphere but Didn't like their food in general ( I had biryani lamb / chicken butter )

  • Shamsa

    Overrated pretentious Indian restaurant. Serves "Indian food" for ppl that don't know how Indian food actually tastes. Raj kachori/ mango kulfi were ok. Lamb biryani/chicken butter were not

  • Kholoud

    Chicken pacchati was 👌🏾😳. Lamb briany and the yogurt so yummy.❤️🔥

  • Wael

    Raj kachori for starters was really good, you must try it.

  • Raymond

    One of their appetizers is round with cranberries. I fly from Canada to order it !!!

  • Raymond

    My fave restaurant in entire world !!!

  • Neoshi

    Fabulous tasting menu! Pineapple curry was delicious. Great service and overall this restaurant lives up to its reputation.

  • clive

    Great food some interesting dishes. Very grumpy maitre d

  • lucy

    The oldest indian restaurant in London. Impeccable service. Incredible food. Love the lemon cashew rice and hibiscus champagne cocktail.

  • Wadha

    The best indian food! Try the potato salad 😍

  • Mats-Ola

    Very good currys, excellent service, great atmosphere... Highly recommended!

  • Shamael

    Green prawn appetizer is spicy but delicious. I also recommend the lobster curry with lemon rice. This place has improved ALOT since my last visit!

  • Clara

    Pricy but great Indian food. The lamb chops covered in nuts were brilliant.

  • Bijan

    One of the oldest and retains almost a colonial feel to layout and service. Decent food and given its' location a respite from London shopping should you need it. Expensive

  • Shahad

    Raj kachari and Green prawns for starters!

  • Foodman

    Chicken kasundi, amritsari lamb chops, Kerala prawns curry, grilled prawns

  • Maria

    ideal for a special dinner! everything is quite spicy, but it is an amazing dining experience.

  • Amaal

    من اقدم المطاعم الهندية، له وقت يسكر فيه فكل مره أخطط له مايناسبني وقته باْذن الله له تجربه

  • Sunny

    Fine Indian dining tucked away on Regent Street. Feel flush? Go here!

  • Lesya

    The best Indian food in London;)

  • Hareesh

    A gem in regent street, just have a chicken biriyani to appreciate the quality of food here.. I tried many dishes and none of them disappointed me.. While you are in regent or Oxford street it's a go

  • Mike

    Raj Kachori and Kerala Prawn Curry were new experiences for me and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

  • Abdullah

    Indian dishes wonderful... 👍

  • Abdullah

    Indian food ...

  • Jameela

    Everything we ordered was delicious!

  • Hervé

    Nice place but the food is just correct.

  • Rishad

    One of three best places in London for Indian. Try chili martini!

  • Lorna

    Business Lunch is excellent and reasonably priced; in the evening every dished I tried was delicious!

  • Abdulrahman

    The Lamb Biryani is exceptional

  • Cesare

    Just Great!

  • Epicurious

    The grande dame of English Indian cuisine, it serves traditional fare such as rogan josh and chicken tikka in colorful, exotic surroundings that evoke a maharaja's palace.

  • Faisal

    Highly recommended Indian restaurant in London.

  • Eshwar

    Would not call it affordable - very good food but I would expect nothing less given the prices. Amazing but not for the price. Excellent location though!

  • Shory

    A lovely view at night ❤️ amazing food 😍

  • Hong Kyu

    Tried seven dishes, no regrets

  • Mark

    Brilliant wonderful gourmet indian food.

  • Maria Alejandra

    steet regal puff- surprisingly enticing! chicken tikka - explosive and galvanizing! crab cake- practically perfect in every way.

  • Maria Alejandra

    street regal puff!! BOOM! (explosion in your mouth)!

  • S

    Raj kachori is a must as an appetizer along with the green prawns .. Place and staff are helpful ❤️ a must visit restaurant while in London

  • Laila

    بسم الله اوله واخره ...

  • Laila

    One of the best indian rest. However mke sure that u have a reservation

  • Justin

    Not the full range of food you would expect & the prices are just out of this world. Aside from the lamb tandoori, cannot justify what we paid for the meal.

  • Mike

    2 down 1 to go. Chutney Mary is one of my favourite restaurants and Veeraswamy joins it.

  • Barrie

    First class all round. Highly recommend Scallops starter with Ginger sauce

  • Pascal

    Never disappointed

  • Erika

    Rich history and terrific food. A little spendy, but recommend their lemon rice, pineapple curry, king scallop starter - and the pannacotta is to die for.

  • Mohana

    The oldest indian surviving restaurant in the UK.

  • Rishad

    Anything here is good. Chicken tikka and shrimp to start. Biryani, lamb chops, dal tadka. Alphonso mango if in season.

  • Shalu

    Pre theatre menu from 5.30pm–6:15pm Mon to Sat: £20 for 2 courses, & £23 for 3 courses. There is a special Sunday lunch menu of Indian family favourite dishes £24 for a 3 course meal

  • Henrik

    Best indian cuisine I have ever tasted!

  • @the_bd_aye

    It doesn't open til 6. But you only find this out after going up their elevator and talking to their track suited lady cleaner

  • Keshav

    Weirdly pushy service but the food is exceptional. The pineapple curry is divine.

  • Ufku

    Whatever you eat as main course, don't leave the restaurant without tasting the mighty Vattallapam; one of the best desserts ever...

  • Turgut

    Better not go there with children at all. Indian is not a scarcity in London, to bear with this kind of rudeness. Never had this in Nobu, for example. I'd rather have Mc Donalds for better manners...

  • Tatiana

    amazing Indian restaurant

  • VG

    Try the Raj kachori starter and wash it down with a nimboo pani

  • ToryBurch

    This opulent Indian restaurant--the oldest in the UK--serves beautifully prepared Indian dishes. Their kulfi (pistachio ice cream) is divine.

  • @JaumePrimero

    Apparently the chefs grind all their spices fresh daily. An amazing feat, considering the foundation of Indian food is the spice :) The food here is of the highest quality, and authentic.


    Opened in 1927, Veeraswamy's is said to be the oldest surving Indian restaurant in the UK. Famous diners have included Ghandi, Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando and the Prince of Wales.

  • Gorni

    Ottimo ristorante indiano. Il migliore dove abbia mai mangiato. C'è dal 1926. Lo consiglio vivamente (spesa intorno ai 100 £


    The first Indian restaurant in Britain opened its doors in 1926, and its turbaned Sikh doorman was one of the sights of London. Many of its early guests were colonial types who missed their curry.

  • Henrik

    Very nice food - a bit pricey. I recommend the lamb shank.

  • Melanie

    Fabulous Indian restaurant one of the best!

  • Masala

    Go to Veeraswamy for your private party. The Palmer Room holds up to 32 people and is available with no hire fee.

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