Mela Indian Restaurant

152-156, Shaftesbury Avenue,,West End,London,WC2H 8HL
020 7836 8635

Venue Features

  • Features : Classy & Posh, Private Parties, Vegan Friendly, Takeaway
  • Cuisine : Indian
  • Price Range : Mid Range
  • Serves : Evening
  • Price Per Meal : £10-15 per meal

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Tips from Dinners

  • Angeliki

    Nice food and excellent atmosphere

  • Franziska

    The breakfast is fantastic. Kejriwal is a must-try along with the chai latte!

  • Abdullah

    Fantastic Restaurant ❤️👌🏻

  • G

    Naan rolls is the best, we tried Bombay omelette and akuri all are good options..

  • Joanne

    Buzzy and fun. The Veda pau is a little knockout. Main courses could have had a little punch, but overall we really did enjoy

  • Chloe

    Please tell me the high rate is not because the long queue makes you hungry, and the foods taste nicer.

  • S

    Breakfast, lunch or dinner... If you like Indian or spicy, worth a try! Popular, trendy with very good food and service...

  • S

    Great breakfast as well if you are up to something just a bit spicy or not but ever so tasty..

  • Brooke

    Great separate vegan menu with amazing food, setting, incredible service. 1hr wait for table but they're very up front and accurate with timings.

  • Nada

    The okra fries is a MUST, chicken ruby is very delicious 👌🏼 long waiting quo though

  • TaMiM

    Okra fries, chicken ruby, sheekh kabab and chicken biryani are absolutely delicious

  • Lewin

    Go for an early dinner or late lunch - you can book a table until about 17:45

  • Mohammed

    Overrated but the chicken biryani is good.

  • Kristine

    Holy smokes. Do not bypass this place. What you MUST have - black dhal, chicken ruby Murray, deep fried okra, calamari. It is amazing

  • Humaid

    Chicken biryani , meat sambusa ,chicken tikka ,chicken butter, wonderful Indian food and the best I had in Europe

  • Scabrous

    House dal, chai, cheese naan!

  • Eman

    Over rated

  • Mohammad

    Black dal is amazing

  • Abhishek

    Try prawns koliwada and lamb biryani!!

  • Abhishek

    The lamb biryani is great! Authentic spice mix and subtle hotness. Also go for prawns koliwada.

  • sujin

    매콤한 음식을 먹고 싶다면 이곳으로 오세요.매콤한 치킨과 커리 & 난을 먹으니 기분이 좋아져요 ㅎㅎ

  • Yara

    Chicken biryani and chicken ruby are the best

  • Ceara

    To avoid queuing arrive before 5pm on a weekday. And the weekend, well it's pretty inevitable!

  • Carlos

    Es la mejor comida India que hemos probado en UK.Todos los platos son excelentes para compartir y los precios son promedio de Londres. Hay que tener paciencia para conseguir una te arrepientes

  • mariza

    Really good taste to all their foods! Highly recommended!

  • Matt

    Don't worry if you are in an hour long queue for this place. That's a usual peaktime wait for dinner. The staff are nice & will hand out free chai tea & spicy crackers, or put heaters on in the winter

  • Matt

    No bookings so you'll probably have to queue, as it's really popular. Worth it for the lamb chops, that are truly excellent. The birianis are also fantastic. Don't miss the Eton mess dessert.

  • Irmak

    Great ambience and starters

  • Wilson

    GQ recommends: Keema Per Eedu: A Parsi power breakfast. Spicy chicken keema studded with chicken liver, topped with two runny-yolked fried eggs and sali crisp-chips.

  • Lamya

    Excellent service. I was not really a fan of the lamb biryani but I highly recommend chicken ruby.

  • Sam

    Chicken ruby is amazing. Also loved the black daal, calamari and the cheese naan

  • Abdulaziz

    Nan, chicken ruby, black daal, biryanis are great, preferred chicken though, but must visit

  • Venkat

    Love the Pau bhaji

  • Ibrahim

    Amazing Indian spot in London. Great flavors. The picture describes it all...

  • Georg

    Best Indian food I have ever eaten.. have spent a lot of time in Mumbai, and eaten some great food there... but this was outstanding.Staff were all over it as well which was great.Their in house IPA ✅

  • Sattam

    رائع و سعره مناسب. شخصين ب ٤٥ باوند

  • Kashoo5a

    Had great breakfast 👌🏻

  • Saleh1998

    Covent Garden Special "Prawn Moilee", Chicken Ruby,Chicken Biryani, Cheese Naan.😋

  • Dayna

    Delicious! Chicken tikka is amazing!

  • Food Lover

    Great food great atmosphere great service and a very long wait if you are less than 6 people you will not be able to make a reservation so avoid meals time and prepare your self for to wait😅

  • AƁƠ-ӇaƝℯℯƝ

    it's good choice i come here for breakfast 7/10, i think if its dinner will be great

  • Amanda

    Most unbelievable chai

  • Michelle

    Where has that naan egg sandwich been all my life

  • Bhan

    Greeted with perpetual long queues. Service is fast and friendly. Awesome authentic Indian food. Loved the Pistachio kulfi.

  • Rajeev

    Gunpowder potatoes and pav bhaji 👌

  • Enna

    To be honest, having Indian food from Marks&Spencer at home with candles lit is so much better for your body&soul.

  • Enna

    Disappointing experience: food too salty, portion minuscule, hall noisy and dark. Service was okay. Hipster style ambiance was cool, though, and chai tea was good, but does not make up for the wait.

  • Jeff

    Such good Indian fare. Save room for dessert, the chocolate pudding with chilli ice cream is 👌

  • Doc. Muteb

    Everything is outstanding

  • Robert

    Food amazing. But to have a huge queue outside when there's at least 6 free tables with 4 seats each isn't nice, especially seeing as it's raining.

  • M.

    The chicken biriani, butter chicken and cheese nan ❤️❤️

  • Only

    One of the best place for food and service! Good for people prefer Halal food. You usually have to wait for a table especially at nifght.

  • Alessandra

    Incredible flavours in a wonderful location.

  • Abdullah

    The food is so good. Go for Garlic naan for bread and bryani for rice. Be there from 3 to 5:30pm to get a table right away and avoid queuing.

  • Meshal

    The food was amazing actually the best Indian restaurant in London❤️

  • Eric

    Everything was stellar. Great food. Great cocktails. Authentic. Can't recommend enough. Worth the hour wait.

  • kiptrip

    Don't take it for granted. Arrived at 6:15pm on a weekday and it's an hour and 10min wait. COME EARLY, or don't bother. Shame as the food is great.

  • Kuc

    solid vegetarian & vegan options, just tell your waiter your dietary requirements and they'll bring you a special menu. also: expect a long queue, by thats just a part of life

  • mary

    We waited 1h, but it was worth it. The food was delicious! I recommend mattar paneer, black daal and biryani. Garlic naan was ordinary

  • electrobabe

    hipster indian restaurant

  • Sabrina

    Fantastisch.... mehr ist nicht zu sagen :)

  • Jennifer

    Chicken, daal, salad

  • J

    Loved the chicken ruby and fried calamri. Waiters were very attentive and friendly.

  • Frank

    Wow. I have no idea what we had but everything was delicious! Get their house IPA and over order, and try all the complimentary chutneys!

  • Ahmed

    Not to forget how nice is the staff

  • Ahmed

    Okra fries .. Samosa ... Chicken biryani ... Black daal .. The whole menu is excellent

  • Omar

    We didn't wait too long 4 a table. I was surprised they didn't have chicken tikka masala on the menu, so i tried the chicken ruby which wasn't that bad. The food was good but it was too crowdy for me.

  • Fahad

    Overrated ... had to wait for 90 minutes to get seated and the food was not that special.

  • A

    Bad service, takes long time to bring the orders. Just overrated place !

  • Onur

    7 gibi gittik 1 saat beklememiz gerekti ama beklerken barda 1-2 içki içerseniz muhabbetle zaman geçiyor. Yemekler gerçekten lezzetli çok ağır yağlı vb değildi ama hafif acıydı. Khala kata yemeyin!

  • Meaghan

    Great Indian food! Loved the Ruby chicken. Definitely worth waiting in the line. They serve you chai teas as you wait, and the wait is never as long as they suggest.

  • Sultan

    good indian restraunt , 9/10

  • Joe

    It's almost silly how great this food is, especially for the price. The lamb kebabs and chicken tikka are both fantastic, and go great with the house IPA. Service is great too

  • Cameron

    Try the calamari and chicken curry! Viceroy's Old-Fashioned is awesome too.

  • Luis

    Best place of Indian food in london! It is not just about the food, the service its super good!

  • Bhaskar

    The masala chai is amazzzing.. honestly the rest of the dishes we tried weren't too jaw dropping to justify the long wait times to get into this restaurant..

  • Mohd

    مطعم ممتاز واسعاره مقبولة ورخيصة بالنسبة للندن ، برياني مضبوط وكاري دجاج بطل ، عيبه زحمه غير طبيعيه وماراح ارجعله بسبب الانتظار والزحمه

  • GhadaAlfadda

    سمبوسه خضار وتشكن روبي وخبز نان بالزبده وبرياني وسلطة الرايتا بالزبادي رهيييب 👌🏻

  • fatma

    This is my 2nd time , i realy lije it .. Warm food .. cooked with love .. Grilled chicken was woow .. and beriani

  • Ted

    Solid vegetarian options. Not as vegan friendly, but you can get by. (Lots of ghee!)

  • Jane

    Get a cappuccino to start -- it's topped with a slight shake of cocoa that melts as you drink it -- then follow with chicken ruby with roti, the black daal, and anything else that strikes your fancy.

  • Craig

    Fried okra, biryani, Ruby Chicken - everything! Long wait, but awesome staff & extremely well run restaurant.

  • Arturo

    Todo lo que pedimos estuvo bastante bien. Buen ambiente, comida exquisita y buen trato. El servicio comienza desde que haces la fila para entrar pues te ofrecen tés (el chai exquisito).

  • Jake

    Very long queue for a Sunday (1.25 hours), but still some of the best food in London

  • Park

    The chef special (lamb) was ok. But I had better lamb.

  • Saud

    Tried okra fries, masala prawns, spicy lamb chops, chicken ruby and chicken berry britannia (biryani chicken). Highly recommend okra fries, chicken ruby and biryani chicken 😋

  • Thomas

    The food here is awesome

  • Heba

    My fave breakfast in London 🇬🇧

  • Jackson

    My favorite Indian restaurant in the world...So far. And they make wicked good cocktails.

  • Yara

    Waited for 30 minutes but it really worth ! I like chicken biryani and chicken ruby ❤👍🏻

  • Clarice

    Black House Daal and the Pau Bhaji were extra special. The Chicken Ruby was tender and had a nice umami to it. The Dishoom Chocolate pudding with chili ice cream was a perfect ending.

  • Dana

    100% worth the wait. You get unlimited chai and yes when you wait in line. Get anything with paneer and go for their spiked chai drink

  • James

    The Ruby chicken curry is fantastic, along with the spiced lamb chops and a bottle of Dishoom IPA.

  • Awaes

    Make sure to get the calamari, keema pau, garlic prawns, Ruby chicken and murgh makani.

  • Faisal

    Okra fries 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Vinod

    Not worth the hype.

  • just

    The smell is just too strong for me

  • Lívia

    good food but only if you like it spicy!

  • Alexandros


  • Maryam

    Nice 👍🏼 and authentic

  • Philip

    No reservations, so tough wait in the cold.The food and service is worth it Try Chicken Ruby and one of the Lassis

  • Barry

    Bacon egg roll was the best thing I have ever had

  • ANA

    wonderful, the food, staff, atmospher❤️

  • Arianna

    I though it was better after all these good tips.. but at the end was only normal, nothing special! And pay attention because it is all very spicy, ask for something else if you don't like!

  • Damian

    The food in general was good, but i highly recomend the Pollo Ruby, its a little bit spicy. Enjoy!

  • Rawan

    Modern Indian dishes, tasty loved the biryani and the spicy cheese toast

  • israa

    We waited 45 ms for a Lamp that wasn't juicy at all and the Biryani which wasn't as good as I expected. It wasn't bad but there are better Indian resturants in my opinion.

  • Mar

    Really good Indian Cusine!

  • Uday Kumar

    Lovely food! Had a wait of 35 minutes, but the friendly staff kept us entertained. The wait outside was chilly indeed, but the hot chai kept us warm. Okra fry, chicken n lamb biriyani was great

  • Matthew

    One of my favourite restaurants in London. Amazing modern Indian food, great for sharing, and fantastic array of spices and flavours.

  • Michael

    Would never queue, so make sure to get 5 other people and book a table. The food is delicious. They do good brunches as well.

  • James

    Super breakfasts and perfect for a cocktail and a delicious meal in the evening.

  • Dalz

    Chicken tikka is fabulously delicious.

  • Leiliane

    You have to try chef's special Prawn Moilee. It is subtle and flavoursome!

  • Zoee

    Everything is packed full of flavour, must try the masala prawns and chicken korma!

  • Raul

    Came with high expectations, but unfortunately left disappointed. Food is plain in general.

  • Yv

    I think for dinner this is definitely overrated. Generally nicely spiced dishes, but vegetable curry with nothing but peas in it?! Cucumber, tomato & onion side dry & non-tasty... nice location though

  • Abdulaziz

    Best Indian food you'll ever have really! Get their famous sauce, it's superlecious!

  • Lavendellady

    Food and staff are amazing

  • Barry

    Best Indian chain. Food is filling. Naan isn't that big so get one each. Lamb biryani is lush. Also the daal if you're into it.

  • Saxow

    Great but you'd go to the one in King's cross, less crowded

  • Yousef

    It is good but not as expected...sure it is not 9.5/10

  • Waleed

    The best Indian restaurants in London

  • Abdulla

    Food is so tasty there

  • Foodman

    Prawns Koliwada, chicken Berry biryani, kheema Pau

  • Haiva

    The okra fries is dying for!!😍

  • Budoor

    Every single dish is good! Especially the biryani, naan and chicken dishes

  • Salman Latif

    هذا طلبي مقتبس من طلب محمد تحت ، والحمد لله خوش شيء اطلب ولا بتندم 😍

  • Christos

    From head to toes, a Bollywood essence. Not to be missed!

  • Marwa

    One of the best Indian restaurant.

  • Muneera

    chicken ruby is literally out of this world!!!❤️

  • NSTami

    Loud music and good Indian food🙏🏼

  • Julia

    Great Indian food, wait can be pretty long

  • Sharon

    Had a shorter wait (no need to queue) and friendly service at the Soho location.

  • Saad M ™


  • Saad M ™

    من أشهر مطعم هندي بلندن اكلهم رائع لا يفوتكم ولا تنسون تخلون مكان للحلى !!

  • Moath l مُعاذ

    Waited for 1 hour and it's totally worth it. Food is really delicious. I suggest chicken ruby 👍

  • Raid

    Food was vary taisty

  • Hessa

    Don't miss the okra fries for appetizer 💯

  • Lauren

    The naan, gunpowder potatoes, and Black Dahl are wonderful. Definitely try some Chai tea while you wait in line.

  • Sulaf

    Nice Indian restaurant with unique flavours. But they need to work on their rice as its broken. Not the best Indian in London though.

  • Effie

    My first experience with Indian cousin! A gastronomic explanation in my mouth!!!!

  • Kelly

    Nann and chicken ruby forever!

  • M7mmd_s

    اطلب نفس طلبي وانت مغمض ،order same as i did

  • Ryan

    Ruby chicken is incredible

  • Taher

    This place has amazing indian food. Chefs lamb special is a must.. Shrimp was delicious..

  • Kateryna

    The black daal and lamb samosas are a treat for the foodies! Okra chips, mattar paneer were great as well. House chai is the perfect spice blend. Overall great experience! Highly recommend

  • Evgenia

    Very nice Indian food. Particularly liked paneer and prowns.

  • Basil

    Bad service. Ok food. It was not worth the waiting line.

  • Mihnea

    Such an amazing place - start with a Keema Per Eedu for breakfast/brunch.

  • MLO

    Everything about this restaurant is worth the wait, but grab 5 other friends so you can make a reservation and skip the line. A group of 6 should also order the entire menu.

  • Abrar

    Best Indian restaurant in london👌🏻i waited 45 min , but its worth waiting .,. Highly recommended. Ordered : chicken tekkah , morkh masala ,, loved cheese nan , garlic nan,Vegi baryani and roka fries

  • Ali

    Perfect indian breakfast spot in london.. Also for lunch Try their biryanis especially the meat 😍

  • Haya

    Best Indian restaurant in London. Food is great. I went there lunch but I also heard lots of good reviews on the breakfast. Will definitely try it next time 👍🏻

  • Claudina

    Absolutely amazing and a must when in London! Garlic naan ❤️

  • Erika

    Positively delicious Indian food in the heart of London. Great cocktails, and perfect for sharing!! Worth the wait!

  • Parris

    Bombay Pimms, garlic Naan, lamb somosas and chicken curry for the win. Really the best Indian place I've ever been to.

  • Reyouf

    Loved their food👌

  • Kate

    I waited months to trie the brunch and honestly wasn't super impressed.

  • S

    Indian breakfast, Indian street food

  • O

    Amazing as ever. The queue's never a pain especially when you get dates and chai while you wait. Once you're in the black daal is a must.

  • Christine

    Very eclectic mix of Indian/Arabic cuisine! Worth the crazy wait outside. Brrr! Nice they serve warm drink & Sherry! Black Dahl is awesome!

  • Anil

    All Service Staff To Good With Smiling Face. Keep It Up

  • Arianna

    Everything was absolutely delicious!

  • Natalie

    Amazing Indian street food 👌🏼 would recommend the Paneer Tikka

  • Bradley

    Real nice Indian, although no bookings :(

  • Adit

    Order Pau Bhaji, Chicken Ruby, Naan, rice and a large Kingfisher

  • Carlos

    Minimum wait time is 30 minutes(@6:45PM) But it was well worth it!

  • Mallie

    Absolutely delicious from naan breakfast sandwiches to chicken tikka to the perfect chai.

  • Elias

    Authentic Bombay cafe cuisine combining Iranian and Indian (south and north) food

  • Elias

    Cozy ambience and delicious food. Worth the wait

  • Brad

    Ruby Murray was all you need.

  • Nick

    It's all about the naan.

  • Yiota

    Bacon Naan Rolls are amazing!

  • A

    من ألذ المطاعم الهندية في لندن.. تقريبا كل الاطباق لذيذة خصوصا دجاج تكا ..البرياني و المشروب الهندي اللذيذ لبن بالمانجو 😋👌🏼 .. وله اكثر من فرع

  • S

    Paneer roll and House Black Daal are fantastic. 👌🏻

  • Khawla

    Dishoom will be one of my fav Indian cuisines in London.. Everything I tried was so good and service was excellent

  • محمد

    One Raita, one biryani chicken, but one kulfi... Three bed! This is one of the best restaurants in London and the world!

  • Rapiszal

    roti nan chese tak sedap sangat kat sini

  • Rapiszal

    susah cari mamak kat sini

  • Asim

    Bombay Omelette .. Eggs Nan .. Chai .. For breakfast

  • It's

    Nice Indian cuisine 👌🏻

  • Christine

    A must. Bacon egg naan roll for breakfast. Pau bhaji, chicken ruby, house daal, garlic naan, choco pudding 👍🏼. I want it all. Creative cocktails. Well priced. Resv only for 6+ after 6p. Expect queue

  • Gal

    Avoid coming at rush hour, waited 45 m. When they finally sat us we noticed many free tables, felt a bit like a scheme to get people to drink at the bar. Calamari, lamd biryani, black dahl are a must!

  • Nada

    The worst service ever.. if you have 3 hours to waste that is your place

  • Khaled

    رائع وممتاز

  • Jackson

    If you lose patience you can eat next door at Jamie's. It's always empty.

  • Ашли

    Amazingly delicious food. Don't be put off by the queue, but prepare for it. We arrived at 6:15, was in and eating by 7:30 (on a Tuesday).

  • Z M

    One the best Indian restaurants in london 💓😍

  • Juan

    Chicken Ruby and the Biryani Britannia

  • Juan

    It is a true party of flavors! The Chicken Ruby and the Biryani chicken berry Britannia are simply amazing. Accompany this last one with Raita to help mellow down the richness.

  • Jeena

    Make reservations online so that you don't have to wait long. But if you wait, they give you their signature masala chai! I had lunch by myself and ordered yummy lambsamosas and succulent lamb chops

  • Shuvani

    Best Indian food in London. Love the Dahl and the romali roti.

  • Peter

    Long wait, good variety of dishes

  • Moaaz

    Tasty dishes .. Highly recommend Chicken beryani + Rita ..chicken ruby+naan

  • SAUD

    تشيكن روبي لذيذ جدا عندهم رز بسمتي للامانه حسيته مو مطبوخ كويس المشروب بومبي كولادا طعمه غريب ورائع نكهة هنديه السويت توفي ملاي كان عادي ، الديكور مرتب وجميل الويترز لطفين جدا ، التقييم العام ( 9.2 )

  • Natalia

    Please hire someone to manage efficiency & seating - have never seen so many open tables in ratio to long line

  • W

    Delicious Indian food

  • Aydl

    Everything is amazing; although I am not a fan of Indian cuisine, I just loved it.

  • JT

    Cheesy naan and chicken korma


    مطعم هندي رائع بطريقه حديثه حبيت البرياني واطباق الدجاج ايضا مطعم خان البكستاني رهيب لكنه اقل من فخامه من ديشم . ملاحظه الهندي بلندن تحس صدق بطعم عكس عندنا برياض كله بهار ونكهات صناعيه وزيت

  • Margot

    Service was amazing and the food was perfect. The vegetable briyani was perfect with a bit of spice and samosas aren't drenched in oil. Loved it!

  • Slav

    Always go for the daal!

  • Khaula

    For breakfast, dont miss egg naan roll.

  • Stephanie

    Unlimited porridge and chai for breakfast! Full of flavour and a beautiful calming start to the day.

  • Dave

    Fried okra is awesome !

  • Lewis

    The food here is amazing. Would highly recommend as pre or post-theatre dinner

  • Max

    Don't get discouraged by the queue, because inside there's delicious lamb chops and award winning chicken curry await.

  • Meshari

    The restaurant is excellent and very beautiful, and the atmosphere so nice and beautiful eating and the service was excellent

  • Reem

    The lamp chops was so incredibly delicious 😍

  • Vic

    Oh baby. It's worth the wait. Portion sizes are bigger than expected. Calamari is out of this world, and the vegetarian dishes added superb.

  • Mohammed

    What a great restaraunt !! 💙 you will enjoy their food if you can stand in the queue for 1:30 😨

  • Glenn

    Must eats: chicken ruby, lamb briyani and lamb boti grill.. and of course Naan to wipe off the plates and bowls clean

  • Bryan Chrisnel

    Masala Prawns and Garlic Naan are my favorite! Worth the 1.5 hours of waiting..👌🏼

  • Saud

    Great Indian food, try their butter chicken and lamp bryani. Their vige samosa is delicious.

  • Leo

    Interesting fusion Indian and I mean that in a good way. You must try their chai!

  • Ahmad

    Amazing place! Dishoom Chicken tikka roll, veggie samosa, vada pau, Awadhi Lamb Biryani, Chicken Ruby and Cheese naan 👍

  • Jason

    Exciting Indian cuisine. Everything excellent and will make you an instant fan!

  • Shirley

    Awesome Indian fare! Wait at the bar, have a Bombay Colada, then get some garlic naan and chicken ruby. The chocolate pudding (super rich) and Kashmiri chili ice cream was also delish.

  • Markiyan

    The best naan in London. Cozy bombay cafe

  • Abhishek

    One of the best Indian food I have tasted. Had to wait an hour in the line before we could go in, but the food was worth the wait! Pav Bhaji, chicken tikka, black daal - all were fabulous!

  • Martine

    Try to mix it up, exciting food

  • James

    The big breakfast with bellinis for brunch? You can't go wrong.

  • Hannah

    A smaller Dishoom than the shoreditch branch, but nonetheless GORGEOUS

  • shankar

    Dishoom serves good rumali roti and black dhal. Rest of the food is good but not great. Excellent atmosphere but long ques to get in is a put off.

  • Nora

    You would think that the line of people waiting outside for +60mins in the cold are onto something.. Don't. Maybe if you lowered your expectations?

  • James

    Indian street food - chain restaurant prices

  • G

    Chicken ruby and okra fries

  • Mark

    It was delicious. Had to queue in the rain. Worth it!

  • Katha

    Sehr leckeres und super schön eingerichtetes Restaurant! Die Angestellten sind alle sehr freundlich und das Essen schmeckt fantastisch! Empfehlungen: Mango Lassi, Cheese Naan, Chicken Berry Brittania 

  • Marlene

    Ma-ra-vi-lho-so! O carneiro especialidade da casa é o que mais recomendo! Cuidado para quem não gosta de comidas picantes! Original indiano, experiência que vale a pena viver!

  • Chance

    The MATTAR PANEER is aaaammmmmmaaaazzzzziiiiinnnngggg. Make a reservation if you can! Long line otherwise.

  • Brad

    Interesting twist on old favorites. Black house daal was the table favorite. People were lined up in the pouring rain to get in-great place for early dinner, don't come during the dinner rush.

  • Ali

    Amazing India food.. Long queue

  • Dragana


  • Shaohan

    The bacon egg roll is amazing! Also the chai tea! Unlimited :)

  • Thomas

    Great place for Indian food. Best to reserve a spot. Only 'problem' was we had way to much food.

  • Conni

    Try the house speciality- black lentil daal

  • The

    Very authentic indian food. Fine dining

  • David

    The okra fries are not a suggestion - they are a requirement! Enjoy with a beer while waiting for your table - you won't regret it.

  • Ans Ulrich

    Lecker,preiswert und sehr freundliches Personal

  • Carani

    Food, service, quality etc

  • Jules

    Delicious tasty indian food. Daal, chicken curry were fantastic. Garlic nana: simply the best I've ever had 😆

  • Harry

    Great service, very tasty (and spicy) food and affordable.

  • Najla

    Great Indian restaurant but be ready to wait in line for more than 45 minutes. Covent Garden chef's special, cheese naan, okra fries and chicken ruby are really delicious.

  • Jason

    VERY good breakfast. First customer of the day today but the restaurant wasn't ready to serve till 9am. They offered a very nice gesture, and service was excellent! Will return! Thank you.

  • Deema

    Everything was delicious chicken brittana, chicken tikka, butter naan and butter chicken.. Exceptional Indian food in London 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Abdulmajeed

    Outstanding 👌🏼👌🏼

  • Ankur

    Eclectic range of cocktails with an British colonial and contemporary Indian inspiration.

  • Jake

    Amazingly good Indian food with a hip and creative vibe, for cheap.

  • Sarp

    Good and different choices for breakfast. The bacon and egg nan is very very good. Do not miss it.

  • Zam

    Lamb chops 😍

  • Laura

    Red chicken curry, gunpowder potatoes, grilled lamb were exquisite 👌

  • Laura

    The chicken curry and gunpowder potatoes

  • Christian

    Get Okra Fries for starters. We also enjoyed the Pau Bhaji.

  • Olya

    Incredible food and service. Totally worth queuing for 20-30 min

  • Kholood


  • James

    Excellent food and service with a great atmosphere, worth the wait!!

  • Justin

    Usually a fairly lengthy queue but COMPLETELY worth it. Delicious food, excellent service. The Chaijito cocktail (a smokey, chai spiced take on a Mojito) is mouthwatering

  • Darshi

    Bombay colada, lamb samosas, sheekh kebabs and the chai!!!

  • Freddy

    Great Ambiance, fair prices. Average waiting time is 1 hour, but it worth it! Reservation as from 6pm only for groups with 6+ people

  • Ruth

    The black daal is to die for

  • Nick

    Great bombay cafe style Indian

  • Amy

    Come at 5pm to avoid the inevitable lines (yes it's that good)

  • Oriente

    Definitivamente los platillos vegetarianos! Pau Bhaji, Gunpowder Potatos, Los Daal ... Y sus cócteles

  • Mohammed

    Been here for breakfast. Perfect masla chai. Egg nan rolls were nice but it had sweet sauce which I didn't like (order with out it). Keema per eedu & kejriwal are recommended. New experience 8.5/10

  • Jannik

    Always nice

  • Fahad

    Very nice Indian Resturant, so friendly , highly recommended to have a reservation, or plan for 30 minutes waiting in queue. But it is worth waiting 👍🏻

  • Maram

    Highly recommended👌perfect indian food

  • Ameen

    Great value & the small plates make it easier to try more items, service was great, the best thing about it is that they strive to give an actual taste of India (they even bring India's local soda).

  • Gaby

    Marsala camarones

  • Abdulaziz

    One of the best Indian restaurants I've been in. Really delicious dishes.

  • Jöran

    Delicious food, nice atmosphere. Love the decoration. Too bad you can't sleep on the toilet 😜😂

  • Kieron

    Black house dahl is essential - a delicious spicy, buttery sauce. Food was generally delicious and pricing is pretty reasonable! Friendly atmosphere and nicely decorated with good attention to detail.

  • Niamh

    The brunch is great - everything is great! Chai-hitos FTW

  • D &

    Excellent food but go in a group so you can book in advance, otherwise you can end up queuing 1-1.30h

  • Reyner

    No wait early for breakfast. Get a sausage and egg naan roll!

  • Ale

    Deliciosa comida India!! Siempre tienen mucha gente en espera. Tip: si planean venir a comer aquí, reserven para que no tengan que esperar tanto!! Aunque la espera vale la pena 😍😍😍

  • Donna

    Really nice place to enjoy Indian (very spicy) food. The service is excellent even if we waited 1h for our table but not regrets!!

  • Cem

    Great Indian food, nice atmosphere. Try to come at off peak times or you'll be queuing!

  • Elizabeth

    Worth the wait. Chicken ruby is great. Will be back to try the breakfast

  • Clara

    chicken biryani!!!! don't miss out!

  • Noura

    Took us so long to get a table, I recommend you book first.

  • Zeyad

    Best place for Indian food I have ever eat in

  • Keaton

    Get dishoom chicken with Dahl sauce, rice, garlic naan. Fantastic food, fast service, for great price!

  • Maha

    كرك 😋😋 دايم زحمة

  • Al

    Long waiting time but well deserved!

  • Priya

    As usual yummy food. Don't miss the keema pau or ruby chicken.

  • Jesse

    Service was incredible

  • Bador

    Murgh malai for non-spicy people. 👌

  • Njoud

    I liked chicken ruby and garlic naan ,, the amount of the food is perfect not too much not too little PLUS the cheapest restaurant I ever tried.

  • Wing

    Leave the office before 5pm to get a table for less than 6.

  • Jenna

    Ruby chicken and prawns are dreamy. Can never get too much naan!

  • Natasha

    Long lines from 5pm & no reservations for less than 8 people. Prawn masala and chicken biryani were good, but a little let down by the dhal.

  • H

    The food is excellent. Spicy lamb chops were not tio spicy. Briyani and Daal was a great combo. Pineapple crumble was amazing. A must stop for anyone in the area.

  • Gena

    Yuuuuum! The butter chicken and pistachio ice cream and chocolate mouse.

  • Daniel

    I'm not being hyperbolic when I say there's no bad dish on the menu. Everything I've had is perfect. Black daahl is mandatory, as is the cheese naan.

  • Aleen

    Chai, naan, raita, ruby chicken

  • Eduardo

    Melhor perna de cordeiro

  • Rewan

    You have to try pao bhaji, vada pao, rajma Chawal and be prepared to wait in line until unless u r going to their king cross location. Food is very reasonable and delicious. Wish they open in NYC

  • Atheer

    Overrated! Not worth queuing for a whole hour!

  • Rafael

    The food and the service are great

  • Ho-Yee

    Black daal. Black daal. Black daal. All the black daal

  • Vivian

    It's really nice, but most of the dishes are for shirring, so a bit pricey if you are hungry.

  • Sunny

    Awesome food love it

  • Maria


  • Alice

    Loved the cheese naan and curries

  • Conor

    Amazing all day.

  • Sophie

    Everything is so. Good.

  • A

    Long waits but a nice meal

  • Abdulla

    The ribs are yummy 👌

  • Natasa

    The food was really good (ruby and daal). The stuff is extremely friendly (offering teas and chai latte while waiting and even taking 2 of our small plates off the bill for waiting slightly longer!)

  • Bader

    Veggie biryani and chicken ruby were delicious.. Avoid Daal and ground potato

  • Cosmos

    Chilli cheese!

  • @Shaibani

    Everything is good, & the food is Halal!

  • Gessica

    Most amazing contemporary Indian dishes. Prawn and calamari recommended!

  • Becky

    Keema Pau, Ruby Chicken and save space for dessert and get pineapple crumble.

  • Noora

    Excellent breakfast loved it.. Lunch is a killer must have the chicken tikka

  • Hanoof

    التشكن روبي لذيذ جدا مع خبز الناس، سمبوسة الخضروات يمي بعد مع صوصاتها.. برياني اللحم عادي ومعجن شوي. مكان أكرر زيارته عموما والستاف لطيفين جدا رغم الزحمة💖

  • Ziyad

    من اشهى ما اكلت ❤️👌

  • SaltyMilkTea

    Just lovely. When queuing free chai and drinks were served outside. Recommend: chef's special with prawns, daal, chicken ruby curry and lamb biryani. Enjoy deliciousness! :)

  • Yiling

    Delicious house chai has unlimited refills. The house oatmeal porridge with medjool dates also has refills. The eggs options are also delicious.

  • Nameet

    Unbelievably authentic!! Pau bhaji, Vada pau, Prawn Koliwada, Chicken Ruby were all worth the wait! Transported me back to Bombay.

  • Rick

    Food stunning, try the cheese on toast!

  • Hesham

    لا يقاوم !!

  • Bader

    Food was regular and definitely not up to 9/10 quality,, i would give it 7/10 max.. My chicken biryani was not hot as it should be - it was warm. But Service was excellent.

  • Nicolò


  • Aigli

    Try the Spicy lamp chops with the House Black Daal! From the starters choose the Vada Pau. And don't forget to get a cocktail to "refresh" your taste. Great personnel, very nice environment.

  • Robert

    Not a big expert on Indian food, but the food in Dishoom is absolutely fantastic, would definitely eat here regularly if I lived in London

  • Cecilia

    Oh a must go to Indian place in London. The food is unbelievable and the house chai milk tea. I always bring people there who visits me here in London. Great service and experience.

  • Diana

    El pollo ruby y el biryani de cordero acompañados de la salsa raita están súper súper ricos. Se pueden evitar el pollo tikka y la salsa daal negra. Precio/calidad mega decente y la atención excelente.

  • Andrew

    Get there early

  • LondonByLauren

    Amazing food but on weekends, expect to spend up to 45 mins waiting outside and another 45 mins waiting in the bar downstairs. The bar doesn’t have phone reception, but it does have free ‘ChaiFi’

  • Wijdan

    Cheese Naan 👍

  • Alyana

    Очень вкусный Masala tea

  • Cristina

    The best place in Covent Garden for tasting authentic Indian food, hot really hot even in mild version. Once you are doing with the meal head to their basement for wine a and cocktails

  • Spencer

    London has the best Indian food (save for maybe India!) Lots of authentic family-owned places, but this is a little more refined and "foodie." Worth a try!

  • Elke

    Gorgeous interior. Wonderful food

  • Spencer

    such yummmmy food

  • Charlene

    My fav fav fav!!! But you just need to wait if come in the wrong time

  • Mark

    Food is tremendous, freshly cooked, very, very tasty. You'll never enjoy a regular Indian restaurant again. Service also outstanding, especially Adam.

  • Anand

    Loved the okra fries, and could visit only for it . Pav bhaji was good and dal makhani just as it should be, not too spicy, bit too mild. Great ambience and buzz around. Makes it to my favorites list.

  • Troll3n

    Well,if you like waiting for hours just to eat mediocre food then it's just perfect for you! At least prices were OK.

  • Kelly

    Naan and chicken curry forever!

  • Brian

    Great curries! Open late.

  • Richard

    The Gunpowder Potatoes & Black Daal are delicious. Do try the Chicken Berry Britannia too!

  • Khalid

    The staff are extremely friendly 😄 the food is just amazing

  • Bedi

    try Bacon Naan

  • 9aq3obeya

    Tasty injoyed the food 😍👌 recommended

  • DR

    Black Dahl is delicious - we get it every time.

  • Daniel

    Simply delicious, worth every penny.

  • Angela

    A modern take on indian food- every thing is pretty good. The rose eton mess is the best way to round up the meal!

  • Basak

    You HAVE TO try their signature creamy curry sauce- house black daal- with some garlic naan!

  • Poonam

    Can't go wrong with any of their dishes. Chocolate chai is a must 👍

  • Krystle

    Black dhal is amazing.

  • Saffad

    Breakfast is amazing! Get the kejriwal

  • Nathan

    Try the okra fries you won't be disappointed! During the week arrive before 6 to avoid the lines.

  • Usutxu

    Spiced chai tea. Really good breakast/brunch with an indian taste.

  • Christopher

    Work your way through the cocktail menu. It's good.

  • Usutxu

    Great indian breakfast

  • Arvid

    Good Indian food. Food value

  • Jorge

    Restaurante indio de precio contenido, rica comida i cocteles creativos, fantástica atención!!

  • Jose

    A great option to have a dinner in London, cool place, tasty food and really nice service!

  • Fabio

    Indiana food. Atmosphere. Cocktails. House Black Dahl.

  • Ricardo


  • Bijan

    One if the best Indian restaurants in London. Can't go wrong with most dishes. The pain in the toosh is you can't book unless a sizeable crowd which means there are typically waiting queues

  • Selene

    Best Indian restaurant in town! Try the lamb chops 🙏😍

  • GAB

    Masala shrimp

  • David

    That black bean dal tho...

  • Adrian

    Probably the best Indian restaurant in London! But you have to queue as it is not possible to make a reservation. The food is so tasty! And relatively cheap.

  • Christer

    Very small portions but food is good. Cheese naan and Chicken Ruby!

  • Alessandro

    Fancy Indian–fusion food. Extremely popular for good reasons!

  • Katerina

    Never disappoints!

  • Alex

    "The type of trendy Indian restaurant that should be everywhere."

  • Sc

    Love the dinner but not the breakfast though

  • Salih

    You must consider desserts and Chi at the end. Original options like in india, i loved the Pineapple. Chi would worm you up on cold nights ⛄️

  • Salih

    Always busy and crowded, phone reservations only accepted till 6PM. If no reservations, come after 9PM. Very respectful and comforting staff.

  • Jimmy

    Incredibly friendly staff, delicious food! The pistachio kulfi was incredibly delicious and super fun to eat!

  • Stefanie

    Naan, chicken curry, everything is great here.

  • Julius

    Don't even bother on a weekend night.

  • Leila

    Try the okra fries, Bombay pina colada and black dhal

  • Prakash

    Careful of the 'optional' tip that comes pre-added to your bill! 12.5%

  • Prakash

    Try the black dal. Definitely recommended

  • Prakash

    Great ambience, service with a smile, delicious food. It has it all!

  • Amaal

    لذيذ جدا، نكهات متقنه وخدمة من أفضل مايكون.. قريب لأماكن سياحية كثير وسينما 👍

  • Barney

    Slow-cooked urid daal for and biryani are fantastic dinner dishes – chicken keema for breakfast is a revelation.

  • hester

    The chai and bacon naan were both delicious, but the real revelation was chicken keema for breakfast.

  • Foodie

    The House Dal is a must order. I was pleasantly surprised to see Kaala Khatta ice on the menu. Loved the food and service.

  • Ebru

    I had the chicken berry britannia, which looked and tasted good. It was pretty spicy.

  • Andrew

    Everything. Black dhal, lamb biryani, the lot. Go long on sharing!

  • Leo

    Food is not really amazing, just average.

  • Florent

    Come in after 2pm to avoid waiting in line..

  • Gerard

    Excellent entrees - great for sharing

  • Sari

    Excelente las samosas, los camarones mutantes y las lentejas. Recomendado 100%.

  • saj

    lassis and chocolate chai are good, so is bhel, black daal. has a good atmosphere.

  • Wadha AKA

    تجنبوه في الويكند لو ما عندكم حجز لان الزحمة مو طبيعية و الطابور طويل. اكلهم لذيذ و يستاهل تجربونة. البرياني و الردجكن ممتازين. و برضو النان بالجبن بطل. ما عندهم بيبسي او كولا الا نوع هندي ما ينبلع.

  • Abdulrahman

    Everything they serve is special , honestly order anything it will be amazing . We visited dishoom for breakfast , lunch & dinner and every time I love this restaurant more . Egg nan rolls is a must!

  • Aurora

    The waiter is so cute that they brought a dice for you to roll When you get your check, and if u get the number 6 the meal is on them! Chicken curry , chicken tikka with black daal is so yummy.

  • Tee

    Love the house black dhaal. Buttery and hearty! Cocktails are great too.

  • Hareesh

    For breakfast, don't expect a typical Indian style breakfast of dosa, poha etc it's more like omelette and bread except masala chai which is awesome

  • Caroline

    This was really good

  • Jenna

    This is easily one of my favourite places to eat. Everything is always excellent. The chicken ruby and the Bombay colada are personal favourites.

  • LiiLiii

    Best Indian in London! And it's Halal!

  • Gabriela

    Great dal !!!

  • Oskar

    The black daal, the naan and the bar in the basement. Great place!

  • MC

    Bombay british style

  • Siddharth

    Vada Pav should feature on breakfast menu.....

  • Ardeshir

    Vada pav, black daal and garlic naan

  • Andrew

    Literally everything. Black Daal, Lamb Kebab and Ruby Chicken!

  • R

    Everything is amazing. Highly recommend the black dhal.

  • Naima

    Everything is good here... Expect to wait in a queue as they take no reservations

  • Global

    This place is awesome. The food is very spicy, but as long as you can handle it, you should have a great time here.

  • V

    Go during non-standard meal times to avoid the waits. The lamb chops are always good and the cocktails are very inventive.

  • Lenia

    Chefs covent garden special and masala prawns !!!!

  • Joyce

    Expect to queue for 50-60 mins on a Friday night, they dont take bookings unless you are with a group of 6.

  • Su Yin

    Good, honest Indian food.

  • Hyoni

    Try ruby chicken ,it was lovely

  • Hervé

    My favorite Indian restaurant. Very busy for dinner, get ready to be very patient. Ruby chicken curry is the best!

  • Nikki

    Unbelievably good egg and bacon breakfast naans

  • Janet

    Go before 6 to avoid the wait. The one hour wait is not worth it. But no wait is worth it. Very friendly staff. Check out toilet decor it's pretty cool. Lamb dish stew is my suggestion

  • Emre

    Great North Indian food, definitely worth the wait

  • Thomas

    Gin cocktails and lamb curry. That's it.

  • Debora

    Just had the Bacon Naan roll. Absolutely amazing. Flavour explosion from start to finish, a real treat to start off a special day.

  • Essie

    Great value! Many options!

  • josh

    Signature IPA is suitably hoppy. Okra fries are well seasoned and Mahi tikka is moist and delicious

  • Safia

    Excellent starters! I can go there and have starters only for dinner or lunch 😍

  • Giulia

    Tikka paneer is delicious

  • Emily

    Chicken Ruby

  • Yugo

    An Indian restaurant that you would exclaim "OMG this is so damn good!" Must order garlic naan pairs with black daal, murgh malai, briyani & chai, to end with pistachio ice cream. So satisfying!

  • Louie

    Had to queue up for 45-mins. Was worth it. #nuffsaid

  • Katie

    Best chai at Dishoom

  • Isabella

    House black daal is incredible

  • Sung Jen

    Small yummy dishes!

  • Kayoung

    여기 진짜 강추합니다 전 아침 먹엇는데 분위기도 좋구 음식도 맛잇엇어요

  • James

    Squid starter

  • Bianca

    You will get a line to get in... maybe two hours of it, but the food is so good that you will forget about it while having dinner. And don't worry, the food also will come fast after your choose.

  • Mike

    Get the India Pale Ale. Excellent authentic food here, good service and a cool clock above the cooking area. Watch the chef making real naan bread!

  • Charlie

    Get lots of food to share. Next on my list is the bacon naan!

  • Chefs Feed

    Atul Kochhar, chef of Benares, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Lamb boti kabab.

  • Dana

    okra fries, dishoom chicken tikka, house black daal,and cheese naan you must try !

  • Vishal

    Amazing tea and pav baaji...thumbs up.

  • 🏆Steve

    Chicken Tikka and the green salad was good. Beer is warm though but you get that here.

  • Farid

    The chocolate chai is amazing

  • Shawna

    @teresaellis you need to have all of the ruby chicken! So much naan.

  • Ash

    Tasty food!

  • Irina

    Try the Bhang Lassi. It's super delicious!

  • Isil

    Bhang lassi, mango kulfi and chocolate chai are very nice.

  • Giulia

    Best indian food and great atmosphere! Dishroom is absolutely a must try in London!

  • Saima

    The Boti Kebab & Roomali Roti is very good. Don't leave without having a glass of house chai!

  • Aicha Le blog de Kat

    Great place, great service, great food!

  • Julian

    Good breakfast!

  • Elektra

    Went tonight, was full. They gave us complimentary indian chai just becuz they were overbooked and didnt want us to leave emptyhanded!! 10/10 !!!

  • Brian

    Absolutely the best Indian in London. You have no choice but to order the Naughty Chocolate Chai!

  • Esther

    Undoubtedly one of the finest restaurants I've ever eaten at. Everything from the design of the room, to the attentive staff right down to the beautifully cooked marinated lamb was exquisite.

  • Mish

    Egg naan rolls, scrambled eggs and house chai YUM😋😋

  • Benjamin

    This place is the best. Protip here is to pretend there is an omakase option and leave yourself at the mercy of the chef - you want to try as much as possible. Also drink the gimlet.

  • Harpreet

    negroni tastes like a cough syrup that was kept locked in a cupboard for 10 years... #notRecommended

  • Hari

    Masala prawns. Un-missable

  • Riddhi

    Masala chai is a must-have.

  • Nouf

    Loved the house black daal and their Naan is way better than Amaya's 👍

  • Christine

    BACON NAAN ROLL is SO GOOD absolutely a must omg.

  • Ollie

    The bacon roll is incredible!

  • Fiona

    Have the gunpowder potatoes and the house black daal. Very annoying you can't book for dinner, but you do get a light that shines red when your table is ready!

  • Sarah

    This place is out of this world amazing, to die for. The atmosphere is on key and the food was just extremely flavorful. Try the chef'a special! You won't regret it.

  • Andrew

    Have the Bhel salad and the Haleem special. Amazing!

  • Fatemah

    It is an Indian café

  • Fatemah

    The best Indian restaurant for light and healthy meal don't miss there breakfast and late breakfast they have cheese chicken beef rolls soo yummy with there special dip.don't miss there nan bread dip

  • Philippe

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

  • Frances

    Had the Dishoom Calamari and the Chicken Ruby. Both were tasty!

  • Elliot

    Watch out for the chillies!

  • Noons

    If u come on Mondays and before 5 o'clock u will have a chance to role the dice and if it turns a six ur bill is on the house ! How cool is that 👏. Alas, we lost perhaps next time 💪

  • Noons

    For those of u who like to try on new things, chef's covent garden special (haleem) is ur dish 👌, and don't forget to taste the chicken ruby (curry), add on classic or cheese naan bread !

  • T.Batur

    lazanya :))

  • Joao

    Great food and service. Will recomend to all my friends.

  • Dana

    Bacon naan roll is the best thing in the menu with a house chai drink on the side = bliss

  • kaeun

    sausage naan roll, akuri, house chai - a MUST try breakfast!

  • Jamie

    The Chocolate Chai is incredible

  • Rahul

    Thums up hell yeah

  • Edouard

    No too expensive. Food is awesome. Great place!

  • Anna

    Great for a winter breakfast :) chocolate chai is very warming :)

  • Mouza

    For breakfast also you must try the akuri 😍

  • Mouza

    Egg nan roll must try for breakfast ❤️

  • Neha

    This place is delicious, and worth the wait. We liked the calamari, black dahl, chicken ruby, bhel, keema pau, and chai.

  • Rijuta

    Fantastic food! Rajma chawal are better than most places in delhi.. and black dal is to die for

  • Poli

    Amazing flavours, great staff and ambience.

  • David

    Roomali roti are hard to find, these guys have them, along with a raft of great dishes. Down a Bombay martini to get you started ;)

  • Tamás

    Try the Okra fries as appetizer, they are delicious...

  • Cat

    Salted lassi is unusual and it is an acquired taste, I would recommend the Virgin bhang lassi and bombaycolada lassi, make sure you mix the bottom and top well. Chocolate chain was small and sweet

  • Cat

    Great small dishes, vegetarian black dhal and mattar paneer was okay. Taste quite similar. Highly recommended deep fried calamari and okra fingers. Love the tamarind date chutney sauce.

  • Paul

    Get the Pineapple & Black Pepper Crumble. And definitely pour all of the vanilla cream on top that comes with it. Delicious!

  • Paul

    Get the House Black Daal! I don't know what it was but it became more and more delicious with every spoonful.

  • Holger

    Love the super-fresh Bhel (salad), Ruby Chicken (curry) and their salty lassie. Would definitely go again.

  • Andrew

    You must have the house black dhal. Its amazing

  • John

    It's simple: You'll love it! Oh and the Okra Fries are a great starter...

  • Food

    Halal Lamb and Chicken

  • Siddharth

    I love Dishoom!

  • Kenneth

    Too up itself, the sort of place that doesn't do any lamb curry.

  • Suresh

    Edwina affair is an amazing cocktail - but there isn't much of it. :(

  • Deniz

    Good service, lovely atmosphere. Try the chicken masala and biryani chicken britannia.

  • Shyam

    Horrible waiting during busy times and limited menu options. It's rip off and expensive for food served